1. medial Global Art Annual
   30.06.05     30.06.06


Country: USA  
Michele Feder

    1.Sunburst, oil on canvas 36x48 in.    2.Burning Sky, oil on canvas 36x48 in.     3.Red Cloud, oil on canvas 36x48 in.    4.magenta dusk, oil on canvas 36x48 in.





   3.    4.
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Oil on canvas, a glazing, scumbling, and dry brush technique is used for these image., Glazing is an old technique used by the masters, transparent layers of paint are applied with linseed oil , this process is repeated until the desired look appears. Scumbling is painting thin layers of opaque light colour over dark colours, which gives a broken colour effect. Scumbling is rather like glazing, but with light colours over dark