1. medial Global Art Annual
   30.06.05     30.06.06


Country: France  
Suzanne Pradal

    1.11 SEPTEMBRE, Mixed Media (Huile sur toile, pastel, feuilles de platine, collages) 60x60 cm. Euro 600    2.ERUPTION, Pastel 60x40 cm. Euro 500    3.FAILLE, Pastel 40x60 cm. Euro 500    4.MONOLITHES, Mixed Media (Pastels, encollages, papiers encrés) 50x60 cm. Euro 500


Ceramist of profession, I spent my life hands in the clay and the research for enamels to dress it fascinated me: roughness or sensual sweetness, audacious or unpredictable superimposing offered to the fire which glorifies or which mistreats, infringes done by hopes and by furies, life of patience and humility in front of this nourishing earth which guards for ever the track of the gestures which shaped it. 





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