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Since 1992 art addiction online gallery is the first ever and the oldest art site on the world wide web. rather then present a single global art event based exhibition, art addiction online art gallery is an ongoing multi-concept contemporary art contests and long-term online art exposure.

      Colour grading post production & online editing services in central London seeks to make professional colour gradin and colour correction services available to everyone in the film, television, commercials, global brand campaigns and video industry no matter where you are located.       The Global Art Movement [GAM] is a medial interactive art competition [MIAC] for visual art, video, animation, sound, music, essay, poetry and fiction, directed, managed, and supervised by Andre Rusu. It integrates the multidisciplinary visual, literary and audio production, and is the first interactive global art event featuring contemporary artists on four virtual showrooms.       Contemporary global art magazine and collectable global art books published for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest news and trends in the art world.       The world largest online gallery with over 2500 artists on view. Fine arts work at bottom towards the solution of the problem of existence. For in every mind which once gives itself up to the purely objective contemplation of the world, a desire has been awakened, to comprehend the life and of existence       Masters of Today /MOT artists are selected for outstanding achievements in fine arts and art exposure. Their work is among the best and spreads new ideas. Masters of Today collective art book series exclusive includes professional artists and art available for expose and collect.       Report abuse! We made this site to give bad fame! If you ARE insulted then report to You might not be able to make changes in society mentalities or to perfect the word in our lifetimes but you can give rock-solid bad reputation on, so post your abuse files. London-based 'Colourgrade' of Andre Rusu is a BAFTA winning artist-driven full service colour grading, finishing, online editing and colour correction to HD, 2K / 4K Digital Intermediates (DI) for big screen theatrical release, television commercials, documentaries, music video, global brand campaigns and everything in-between.

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